Role of Directors

List of Directors and their Role and Function

The members of the board of Directors ("Board") of China Taiping Insurance Holdings Company Limited are set out below.


Executive Directors
·Mr. WANG Sidong Chairman
·Mr. YIN Zhaojun Vice Chairman and General Manager
·Mr. LI Kedong Deputy General Manager
Non-Executive Director
·Mr. GUO Zhaoxu
·Mr. HU Xingguo
·Ms. Zhang Cui
Independent Non-Executive Directors
·Mr. ZHU Dajian
·Mr. WU Ting Yuk Anthony
·Mr. XIE Zhichun
·Mrs LAW FAN Chiu Fan Fanny

There are 5 Board committees. Their membership information of these committees on which each Board member serves are set out below.


Board Committee

Audit Committee
Terms of Reference
Remuneration Committee
Terms of Reference
Nomination Committee
Terms of Reference
Corporate Governance Committee
Terms of Reference
Risk Management Committee
Terms of Reference
Mr.WANG Sidong   M C C  
Mr. YIN Zhaojun   M   M M
Mr. LI Kedong     M M  
Mr. GUO Zhaoxu         M
Mr. HU Xingguo M        
Ms. ZHANG Cui M       M
Mr. ZHU Dajian M C M    
Mr. WU Ting Yuk Anthony   C M M    
Mr. XIE Zhichun M M    


Mrs LAW FAN Chiu Fan Fanny M M M    



C:Chairman of the relevant Board committees M:Member of the relevant Board committees


Corporate Governance Structure